The Forex Factory

The Forex Factory

The Forex Factory is a website that allows you to learn about and trade the currency market. This website also offers real-time exchange rates and trades that other members have made in the past. One of its products is the Leaderboard, which displays who has made the highest returns so far this month. If you haven’t yet subscribed to the site, you can learn more about it here. Once you’ve signed up, you can immediately begin using its trading tools.

The Forex Factory has a news section that pulls in data from its News and Calendar feeds. This allows you to monitor market movements and anticipate future events based on their impact. For example, the recent rise in industrial producer prices caused a brief slump in EUR/USD. Similar events can also help you predict forex trends. This way, you’ll know when to buy or sell. The Forex Factory’s News section also lets you follow traders’ replies and comments on news stories.

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The Forex Factory Market product is powered by sophisticated infrastructure that aggregates prices from multiple sources in real time. Fair Economy began building this infrastructure in 2009 and leveraged its price-aggregation capabilities to create unique instruments. The Market application’s header features a ‘Live’ option, which updates prices automatically without the need to reload the page. This is possible because live feeds use the computer’s processor and network connection to continuously update their prices.

Forex Factory is also time-zone sensitive. If you want to trade in another time zone, make sure your account time zone is set to the correct one. It automatically adjusts for Daylight Saving Time and other seasonal time changes. The default time zone is New York. If you change your time zone, Forex Factory will adjust the time zone and display the appropriate currency prices. If your system clock is out of sync with Forex Factory’s, you’ll have to manually change the time zone.

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The Forex Factory tool also helps you choose an excellent Forex broker. Its database of brokers is searchable, and you can filter them by various criteria. Its top bar displays a list of active brokers, with their basic information and icons pointing to more details. Forex Factory also offers filters that allow you to narrow down the results by minimum deposit, country of regulation, and real-time spread. This makes it easy to find the best Forex broker for you and your trading style.


Another benefit of Forex Factory is that it helps you interact with other traders. Not only can you exchange tips, but you can also get advice from other traders who have more experience than you. And with its history, it’s clear that the site has become a hub for forex traders. It’s no wonder why. So, why wait? Get started on Forex trading and stay ahead of the game. And make sure you join the Forex Factory community today.