Forex Factory Review

Forex Factory Review

You can join Forex Factory by signing up as a member. Once you’ve signed up, you can read about the benefits of membership on the website. First, you’ll need to verify your membership status. If you’re a member of Forex Factory, you should not promote any products or services. This includes multi-level marketing and get-rich-quick schemes. Forex Factory staff will not allow members who are actively promoting commercial enterprises to join the community.

The Forex Factory’s News product curates news from quality sources and leverages the ability to aggregate prices in real-time. The Fair Economy team began developing such sophisticated infrastructure in 2009, and they’ve continued to leverage their technology to create unique instruments. News blocks are customizable and can display stories based on category, popularity, comments and trader replies. While these features make the Forex Factory site a great place for news, they’re not the only thing it’s worth checking out.

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The Forex Factory website has a helpful Brokers Monitor tool that lets you filter and sort different brokers according to their performance. The tool is continually updated by staff members, who conduct daily research and update the information contained on the website. Brokers monitor tools provide basic information about each broker, as well as icons that allow you to view more information. Most blocks offer Copy-to-Home functionality. However, not all blocks offer it. In the future, this functionality will be available on all pages.

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